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Market Research

Market Research is synonym to assessing the trends and swings of consumers, market conditions in diverse existing and new targeted market segments around the Globe. The investigation of various components of market with an eye on sustainance and expansion of business incorporates evaluation of behavioral patterns of critical influencing factors of Expanse and depth of market segment an organization is trying to sustain or capture like the :

  • Consumer preferences
  • Per capita income of the market segment
  • Prevailing governmental regulations in the expanse and extent

Literally put, the investigation process acts as a mechanism that plugs the gap between the consumers, the public and other market influencing factors and business organization through an extensive exercise that involves extraction of expansive inputs. 
The inputs extracted and derived through various media including the digital data assists in

  • Identifying and defining opportunities, hurdles for businesses
  • Generating, refining and assessing susceptible business forays
  • Monitor and analyze business performance
  • Enhance the understanding of a market segment

The research activity defines :

  • The goals i.e. the variety and depth of inputs required
  • Design the process and model for collection of inputs of above mentioned issues
  • Monitor and control the data collection exercise
  • Assess the outputs and results
  • Interpret the discoveries and their impact and implications

On the accomplishment of the analysis undertaking helps business enterprise to decide on the manner and the strategy of pushing and pitching the product into the targeted markets. Market research in a way is a tangible manifestation of marketing.

The market research and analysis is carried out primarily in 2 corresponding modes of operation i.e.

  • Primary
    • Qualitative
    • Quantitative
  • Secondary

Product Research

Product Research can be related to vital activity that involves discovering opportunities for improvements in existing product line or new marketable merchandise and services in a market segment. The tipped research is critical to an organization’s expansion and survival in the ever changing and transforming and volatile global business scenario. This does not only help an organization in diversifying but also creating a sizeable lead over the competition and enjoying the endless advantages of being a pioneer in the new discovered product or commodity segment.

The product exploration forms an integral part of the market research but it is by far the toughest of all component exercises. This activity often implements both explicit and implicit models of testing and analyzing.

The initial step of the analysis involves the nature of the research i.e. influenced by product aspirations or concept aspirations. The whole process is actually in expansive steps i.e.

Discovering new chances and possibilities in form of interpretable data on consumer needs which can be tapped and a niche for the organization can be created. The media used involves digital and manual.

Surveys : Questionnaires planning and processing

Conceptualizing and conducting R&D on product or service concept to analyze the prospects of product being adapted and accepted into the targeted market segment.

Examining relevance of concept developed by assessing certain influencing factors to determine how much customers are willing to spend on the new introduction in comparison to the available parallel competition. It corresponds doing an AAU analysis to test the market feasibility of newly fostered concept.

This would help in classifying the markets on basis of potential and creating a predictable launch pad for the product. The product launch is always decided by creating a marketing mix using the four ‘P’ Analysis i.e. Product, Price, Promotion and Place. This launch must coincide with a stringent analysis of initial response that would ultimately helps in making essential adjustments that assists in avoiding pitfalls and maximize the chances of success.

Digital Trade Research

Digital technology has taken an impregnable lead in every walk of life. Its versatility has also impacted the business and trade circles substantially. Business organizations are expediting immense efforts and resources in analyzing and exploring this new virtual domain which can play an essential role in proliferating their businesses and trade beyond compare and across the political boundaries and numerous trade barriers posed in the physical world. The digital trade research involves analyzing and investigating various facets, aspects and hurdles that have a decisive impact on this virtual domain that knows boundaries.

The Digital research can be bifurcated into :

  • Finding feasible ways of physical and virtual representation of the merchandise, that can be matched up and put online with help of “PHYSITAL” i.e. using various online tools to put a virtual 3-d imaging that gives a true input about the features and appearance of the merchandise. PHYSITAL method can help the organizations to improve the visibility of their products even in unreachable and unattainable market segments.
  • Identifying various and diverse digital media and resources that can be used to compile essential and vital statistics and data on behavior and attitude of various markets with a focus on preferences and conditions (inclusive of purchasing power and income levels) of consumers that who dominate that specific market domain and segment.
  • Appreciating and evaluating the practical and analytical view of administrative barriers imposed on cyber trade by :
    • The local governments of the targeted market domains
    • WTO regulations
    • Intellectual property and development laws
    • Analyzing and observing the prevalent legal provisions for cyber and digital trading and studying impact of virtual communication and internet in domain of socio-economic and cultural perspective

The primary objective of digital trade research and exploration is pitched in finding ways of online selling for the manufacturers, traders and service providers by finding ways of :

  • Reaching end customers and audience.
  • Crossing and negotiating barriers and hurdles installed by numerous factors in various capacities.

Economy Research

Economy research of rather economic research focuses on evaluating and assessing the economic development and the influencing factors that have boosted and stimulated the development in a region or a country. The objective of the study is always focused on finding out the elements and mechanisms of targeted market that have a bearing on the demand and supply in specific macro and micro cross-sections of different targeted countries. The analysis is usually carried out to create a common view on the prospects of transferring business, existing installations, technology, product line manufacturing service concepts along with the whole range of facilities to the lesser developed markets or the regions which are poised with opportunities of development and support and encourage concepts of free trade zones, barter trading and have bi-lateral and multi lateral agreements on free trade.

The economic exploration and analysis process is an expansive process and involves analyzing of 3 aspects.

  • Human resource and material resource factor i.e. the availability and the costs involved in extracting and utilizing these elements.
  • The macro and micro economic condition of the intended region and the readiness of human factors in participation i.e. training, education and employability.
  • Governmental system, procedures and potential reform process introduced into :
    • Development of the human and material resources.
    • Taxation and connected levies.
  • Probable costs and expenditure incidences in reaching the tangible output i.e. doing an efficiency analysis on all factors involved in establishing, transferring, running and sustaining business in comparable short term and long term paradigm.

We always base our analysis on broader perspectives and elements and presenting a full and clear analysis that is interpreted into comparable and understandable analysis, which can help you in generating tangible outcomes for your business plans and stakeholders etc.

This research is to identify by the economic growth and market demand in developed and least developed country, in this research business may shift/transfer their existing technology, product and services, least countries have big scope of economic development and make free trade agreement or establish barter trade.

in this research human asset and raw material availability and government tax reforms and befits are important, our economic research will analysis and represent the actual pictures to companies and investors.

International Business Laws Research

International business law research and analysis focuses on the most intricate domain of International trade that is influenced by complex levels and layers of governing mechanism, laws, trade monitoring agencies and organizations, trade organizations and various bi-later and multi-lateral interactions and trade agreements.

The exploration and analysis forays into evaluating back ground and history of each of the trade laws and agreements that are often influenced by :

  • An established doctrine of the local governments, cultural outlooks and aspects and the form of governance i.e. free market or controlled economy.
  •  Process policies and dispute resolving procedures.

Research in international trade focuses and prioritizes assessment of history and background of each trade understandings, treaties, alliances, established zones, trade and tariff barriers, protectionist policies and free trading permissions etc.

This exercise is of a great importance for an organization to enable it to deal with complex issues that are encountered in day to day happenings in domain of international business. This also has a bearing on the domestic business as in the age of globalization each government is trying to set global standards. In the changing perspective when the digital trading and globalization are crossing all barriers it becomes essential for an organization to diversify and face the challenges that will be presented by organizations pitching up their products and services in the domestic markets.

Our research team always makes it possible for you to get all relevant updates on the foreign trade laws and feasible business and investment prospects. We bring out and highlight each intricate aspect and feature of the legal framework that is constituted by international trade monitoring agencies and the local governing bodies of the targeted audience and regions.

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